Money Monday: My Weekend Recap

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Happy Money Monday! Starting a new series on the blog that will serve as a weekend recap. I love to share the things I’m up to and what I am spending my hard-earned money on.

I try not to spend money every weekend but when I do, I think this can be a fun way to keep track of my spending and maybe even put you all on to fun things and places in and around N.C.

So, let’s dive in.

Friday: Weekend Recap

I started my summer Friday trying a new restaurant, at Margaritas Mexican Restaurant the menu can be a bit overwhelming because it is so much to choose from.

Though, that’s a great problem! The food was delicious, and I’d highly recommend the mango margarita with a sugar rim of course.

Afterward, my boyfriend dropped me off at a nearby Bath & Bodyworks. I wanted a new body mist and candle. 

I had a budget of $30 and even though I wanted the full-size bottle of the In the Stars body mist and three-wick candle, I couldn’t afford that.

I got a travel size bottle, hand sanitizer and strawberry poundcake scented one-wick candle and came in just under budget at $28.80 with tax.  

Getting the smaller size not only costs less, but it also gives me a chance to finish it quicker and free up space to try something new sooner.

Then, if it’s a fragrance I really like, I’ll repurchase the bigger bottle.

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After this quick little splurge, we went to Athome to purchase a new full sized mirror and our final stop was a local grocery store to pick up some fresh flowers.  

We ended the night inside and started a new television show, Queen Sugar it’s actually been out for a while but it’s new to us. Let me know if you’ve watched!

Saturday: Weekend Recap

On Saturday, I slept in and finished reading If he had been with me ahead of my Sunday book club meeting. 

Later I headed to the mall to do some window shopping. I did not take my wallet because I knew I was not going to spend any money. 

I started with a stroll in Nordstrom and came across a cute long denim skirt. It was $98. A bit on the pricier side, however I’ll do some research and look around before I pull the trigger. 

I do know for certain; I will be purchasing a denim skirt to incorporate into my fall capsule wardrobe. 

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Afterward, I walked to the Apple store. I’m in the market for a new laptop so I’ll be creating a sinking fund specifically for that. 

I’ve had my current laptop since 2017, so it is time for an upgrade. I’m not exactly sure which one I will purchase but I will definitely share with you guys!

After leaving the mall my boyfriend and I went to see a drive-in movie. This was a first-time experience for me and it brought all the vibes. 

They were playing The Little Rascal’s

Sunday: Weekend Recap

I woke up early on Sunday and went to the gym. After I rewarded myself with Starbucks and tried something new. 

I ordered the chocolate cream cold brew.

Immediately following, I picked up groceries. This week, I’m going to cook baked chicken with sides of broccoli and mac n’ cheese. 

I also purchased pulled BBQ pork and cold slaw. 

Book Club Meeting

Around 5:00 p.m. I met my friends at the White-Water Center for our monthly book club meeting. 

We chilled out by the water and talked about our latest read. Then headed to get sushi for dinner. 

I ordered a lemon drop martini, the queen city roll and crab rangoons. I was shocked that the bill (not including tip) was only $26.90 – this is because the drink was only a little over 5 bucks!

That wraps up my weekend recap…

I hope you have a fabulous week! 


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