How to look expensive on a budget

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When you are on a budget your wardrobe likely isn’t too high on your list of priorities. Though, what you choose to wear says a lot about how you want to be perceived by the world. You don’t need to make a ton of money to achieve a chic capsule wardrobe. In this blog post, I’ll share with you how to look expensive even when you are on a budget. 

Take Inventory 

The first thing you need to do is take an audit of what you already own. I’m not saying you have to go full Marie Kondo, but you should know what you have so that it can be repurposed. You can almost always find a way to create a whole new outfit with pieces you already own. I find that when you do some reorganizing and trying on old clothes you found you either fall in love all over again or decide to toss it all together. 

How to look expensive – go back to basics 

Alright, so you might be asking yourself why I am returning to basics when I need to learn how to look expensive on a limited budget! Every woman needs to have a few staple items in their wardrobe. The infamous little black dress, sunglasses that shape your face, quality denim, a great bra, a white button down, comfortable pumps and a cute tote. These are all basic pieces that will help you look more expensive. 

Watch how you carry yourself 

Carry yourself with sophistication. You could be wearing a t-shirt dress but if it fits properly and you wear it confidently and pair it with a staple piece you will naturally look more expensive. You don’t want to wear things that don’t fit. You’ll appear lazy or come off as someone who doesn’t care enough to put themselves together…this doesn’t exactly exude expensive. I know you might not always feel like showing up but remember that on your way to becoming the best version of yourself it is imperative that you dress to impress even if seemingly no one is watching. 

Monochromatic looks 

Wearing all black is a great example of a monochromatic look that will instantly make your outfit appear more expensive. Not only does it elongate the body, but it never goes out of style and is super easy to accessorize. So, what does all this mean? You don’t have to go out and buy more things you don’t need – sometimes keeping it simple is the best way to go. If you’re feeling like leveling up a bit, consider a structured piece like a blazer for a more polished look.

How to look expensive…Presentation Matters

All the aforementioned tips go completely out the window if you aren’t going to iron or steam your clothes. This goes back to making the effort and watching how you carry yourself. Make sure your clothes are free from stains and if they are faded it might be time to give them up altogether. 

Fashion investments 

These types of pieces can vary, depending on the person. I think it truly is up to the person and what they value and their unique taste. Nonetheless, one item I personally believe everyone needs to invest in is a good pair of denim that isn’t distressed. Again, it doesn’t have to cost too much, and you’ll be able to create endless outfits around them that is perfect for every season. 


I know what it’s like, wanting to look luxurious but not having the money to buy everything you might want. It’s okay, there are ways to achieve your desired look and I hope that I’ve helped answer the question: How to look expensive on a budget. 

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    Great advice!! You looked like a million bucks.