Birthday Celebrations + a Solo Train Ride

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Happy Money Monday and welcome to another weekend recap! This weekend I celebrated a few birthdays and got some work done on a train ride back to my hometown. 

In case this is your first time reading my weekend recap, check out the first one I shared here. This is a new series I started on my blog to keep myself accountable for my spending.


Last week was the final summer Friday at work, so of course I took advantage of that and treated myself to a sweet drink at Starbucks. 

Surprisingly, I did not go for any of the new fall menu items. I’m always looking at other people’s Starbucks orders for inspiration and I saw someone share a vanilla blonde espresso with extra caramel drizzle, oatmilk, 1 pump of chai and salted vanilla sweet cream cold foam.

I had to have it…and she was delicious. I 100% recommend especially for those that like it sweet. 

My boyfriend’s friend had invited us out to celebrate a half birthday. I’d never heard of celebrating a half birthday before but I love the idea. 

They had a section at a club and we had every intention of going, but we just didn’t make it out.

We did however have a 10:30 p.m. reservation at MIZU, a rooftop seafood restaurant in the city. We just wanted to grab a drink and a snack and set a budget of $50. 

I was craving brussel sprouts so we ordered those and their firecracker shrimp. It was perfect, especially with the lychee martini I ordered to go along with it – this put us over budget a bit.

After taking in the views, we called it a night. I did a little reading then went to bed.


Just last week I had brunch at Link & Pin for the first time, if you read my previous weekend recap, then you know I ordered the lobster roll.

On Saturday, I had the perfect excuse to order it again. This time at my friend’s birthday brunch! I didn’t order the coffee because it was around 3:00 p.m.

Plus, a birthday brunch celebration gave me the perfect excuse to drink a mimosa. 

I had to be up early the next morning for my train ride, so I wasn’t able to hang with the group at RSVP but I’m glad I got to see and celebrate my friend over some good food. 

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I woke quite literally at the crack of dawn on Sunday because I needed to board a train that was departing at 6:45 a.m. I really wanted to maximize my morning so when the alarm went off I didn’t hit snooze.

I recently listened to the audio book The 5AM Club by Michael Lombardi. I had to remind myself of the benefits of waking up this early and the tip that helped me the most when I wanted to stay in bed was to just get up when the alarm goes off. 

I fixed breakfast and watched a few scenes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta before doing my morning routine and heading to the train station. 

I made it with a few moments to spare and worked on my September newsletter. Become a savage saver and subscribe here!

Once I made it back into town, I got ready for my cousin’s sneaker brunch. I don’t have a ton of sneakers so I wore a pair of white chucks. 

The brunch spread was everything! We had chicken & waffles, burgers, breakfast potatoes, bacon eggs and a lot more. 

Once I got home, it was time to get ready for the week ahead…thanks for reading this recap. Until the next time, I hope you have a beautiful week.


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