How to smell good all day long

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Lots of people have their own signature scent and collection of expensive perfumes. But thankfully you don’t have to spend a ton of money to smell good.

Everyone has a natural scent and assuming you’re mindful of your personal hygiene, it’s probably not very noticeable – which isn’t a bad thing.

Though, if you want to smell delicious and be complimented on how great you smell, here are a few tips that will help.

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing tips that will show you exactly how to smell good all day long.


It’s true, your diet can be the reason why you don’t smell as delicious as you’d like.

For instance, the fatty acid in red meat makes its way into your sweat causing a more pungent odor.

Food like fish, onions and garlic are also some common culprits that lead to a foul smell. This doesn’t mean avoid them altogether, but you do need to be more cognizant of what you eat and how it can omit a less than favorable smell.

Additionally, alcohol goes through the blood stream before it leaves your body. It oozes out of your pores and sweat glands. So, drink in moderation to avoid smelling like booze.


Simply put, if you don’t wash your body…it is not going to smell good. Find a time that works for your schedule so that you don’t have to rush through your shower or bath routine.

Before you even get into the water, I’d suggest dry brushing.


Dry brushing is a form of body exfoliation. Using a dry, stiff-bristled brush, gently scrub your body to remove the flaky skin. Doing so can even improve the appearance of cellulite.

The exfoliating process unclogs your pores and increases blood circulation while also promoting lymph flow and drainage.

When your pores are unclogged, it’s easier for your body to sweat helping to eliminate toxins from your body.

Plus, the radiant glow that comes from dry brushing is a huge benefit which comes in handy when applying scented body lotions, creams and oils. More on that later!

If you don’t have a dry brush, an exfoliating glove or plain wash cloth works fine.

In circular motions all over your body, massage your skin with light pressure avoiding areas that are broken such as sores, scrapes or burns.

The entire process doesn’t have to take too long but it does prepare you for a relaxing shower or bath.


To use a body scrub, here is a brief guide with a few tips:

  • Apply scrub of your choosing with your fingertips
  • Scrub in a circular motion
  • Rinse body
  • Shave, if desired

 Next, scented soaps and bodywashes will help you smell good. Once in the shower, use a fresh washcloth and lather up letting the suds run down your body.

After cleansing your entire body with soap and water, use a body scrub to gently exfoliate the skin. Body scrubs remove the dead skin cells and build up on your body and also comes in scented fragrances.

Regularly adding this step to your shower routine will help prevent razor bumps too! Leaving your skin rejuvenated and ready to receive any scented creams and lotions.

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Once you’re ready to step out of the shower, pat your skin with a towel but leave it slightly damp for your moisturizer.

The key to soft beautiful skin is applying a moisturizer immediately after showering – one that is light weight and delivers lasting moisture.

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body, and it needs moisture. For the purpose of smelling good, you should next apply a body cream that is rich and…creamy.

After applying your scented creams use a fragrance of your choosing immediately following.

When you spray your perfume don’t rub it together. The friction created from rubbing produces heat that causes the natural enzymes your body creates to change the scent.

Let the liquid set in and after a moment finally apply a body oil all over and you should be left smelling good for hours.

(Dry Brush | Wash Cloth | Exfoliating Gloves | Bar Soap | Body Wash | Body Scrub | Body Lotion | Body Cream | Body Oil | Body Fragrance |


Just as you need to keep your body clean, your clothes need to be clean too. When your goal is to smell good all day, you need to have a good wash day routine.

Though before you even get started, when is the last time you’ve cleaned your washer machine? You want your dirty clothes to get clean right! Therefore, you need to keep the machine you use free from grime and build up.

Thankfully, the process is easy. Simply set your washer to the warmest setting and add white vinegar letting it spin an entire cycle.

When washing your clothes, don’t overload the dryer. Putting in too much at once will prevent the clothes from lathering properly.

Adding in the detergent or bleach of your choosing be sure to use the hottest setting. The hotter the water the less it will smell.

Drying your clothes

Depending on the clothes, fabric softener is a good idea.

However, if you’re washing a load of sweaty gym clothes then you should use baking soda instead – this helps to neutralize the sweat stench.

After doing a load of laundry always leave the washer door open. Doing so will prevent any musty smell from being trapped inside.

Immediately after washing your clothes, you need to dry them. Waiting will leave behind a funky smell even after you’ve dried them.

Add in a few scented dryer sheets for an extra boost that will give your laundry a fresh long-lasting scent leaving you and your clothes smelling good all day long.

If items you washed are meant to air dry, hang them in a well-ventilated area.

In Conclusion

If you truly want to smell good all day long, following these tips will certainly help. You don’t need to spend a ton of money on expensive perfumes. It’s amazing what soap and water can do!

Taking the time to thoroughly wash and moisturize your body and clean your clothes will go a long way when it comes to smelling good.