My First Outdoor Workout Experience at SkyCycle

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This week, I tried SkyCycle a boutique open-air cycling studio in Charlotte, N.C. 

I came across an Instagram reel and thought “Hmm, this looks interesting”. So, I booked my first class through ClassPass

After work, I headed over reluctantly because it was 94 degrees outside and I had never exercised out in the elements before. 

Prepping For Class

I knew I was going to be outside and exercising so I made sure to hydrate and drink plenty of water throughout the day. 

Right before class I did a few stretches and applied my sunscreen. I packed my socks in my belt bag and slipped into my slides and was out of the door. 

I booked the Sky Beat class which is the studios signature ride. In this class, you wear headphones and ride to the beat.

When you arrive, you’ll head up the outdoor staircase and you’re greeted by a team member who will check you in and tell you which bike you’re riding.

Starting Class

My instructor was the owner and Olivia was awesome! She made sure I had the right shoe size and took the time to ensure I knew how to properly get onto the bike. 

I’ve been to other cycling studios before and one thing I really like about this one is that the seats on the bikes were a lot more comfortable. 

I felt supported and ready to ride.

Not going to lie, for the next 45 minutes I was struggling. This class was hard but totally worth it because the feeling I had after was unmatched. 

After Class

Immediately following your rhythm-based ride, you’ll receive a cool towel. This feels like such a reward after all the work you just put in.

I genuinely believe this workout is for anybody who wants to sweat and have fun.

I love workouts that are in a group setting and I can say for certain being out in the open air makes the experience that much more exhilarating. 

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