Weekend Recap: brunch + trap karaoke

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Happy Money Monday, welcome to another weekend recap. I went to trap karaoke and tried a new place for brunch.

In case you missed the first blog post, check it out here! This is a new series on my blog that recaps what I did and spent over the weekend. 

Friday: New movie and Starbucks stop

The weekend started off great. After getting off I took my boyfriend to the movies. We are both dog people, so we were looking forward to watching Strays. 

The comedy stars Jamie Foxx and Will Ferrell as Bug and Reggie. Two stray dogs who set out on a journey to get revenge on Reggie’s old owner who abandoned him. 

Before the movies, I treated myself to Starbucks and got a grande iced chai tea with matcha cream cold foam. 

It was okay…honestly not something I would get again unless I was really in the mood for it. 

The movie tickets with popcorn and a large drink came to $39.78. After the movie we grabbed a drink at a nearby bar. 

I always order a cosmo. Its my go-to, shout out to Carrie Bradshaw. If you know you know!

Saturday: Brunch + Trap Karaoke

On Saturday, my boyfriend and I had brunch at Link & Pin. This was my first time here, but I was excited to try the lobster roll and truffle fries. 

Oh my gosh, I hate to be so dramatic, but this place had the best lobster roll I have ever had.

It was buttery and delicious, 10/10 highly recommend…. 

Couldn’t do brunch without coffee so I ordered a cold brew and requested extra cream and caramel.

The service here was amazing and I can’t wait to go back.

After brunch, I busted my budget. I wasn’t ready to go home so we went to a nearby shopping center and I spent $45.04 at Sephora. 

I’ve been running low on lip-gloss and have been wanting a new lip liner and Fenty Beauty gloss bomb.

I got the gloss bomb in the color RiRi and the Huda Beauty lip contour 2.0 in very berry. Such a beautiful combination. 

After this, it was time to go home! I knew I was going out later so I needed time to relax and get ready for girls night out with my friend Jorgie.

We met up at a cute new bar called Eden. We had a drink and vibed before going to Trap Karaoke.

This was so much fun! We’ve been talking about it for a little while and finally purchased tickets to go. 

With tax, a ticket to trap karaoke was $68.62. It would have been nice if a drink was included in that price but I do think the experience was worth it, we had a really great time. 

We weren’t expecting it to be as packed as it was so next time we’ll probably come earlier. 

But this is your sign to book a friend date! 

Slow Sunday Vibes

Sunday was a slow day….I watched a sermon online and really resonated with the message of being grateful for how far you’ve come. 

When I think of where I am today, I’m so thankful that God is always working in the background even when it doesn’t feel like it. 

Just thinking about the progress I’ve made when it comes to this blog. Many times I could have given up and been discouraged by my pageviews. 

But then I remember why I started. I’m so grateful for every person that reads, comments or subscribes. So, thank you!

After eating breakfast, I spent a few hours working on the blog. I wrote this post and brainstormed topics for new ones. 

Later in the afternoon, I prepped the apartment for a new week and went grocery shopping. Then ordered a new book for book club. 

The Nightingale, by Kristin Hannah is a historical fiction…a new genre I haven’t explored so I’ll let you guys know what I think. 

I hope you have a beautiful week. Until next time, stay tuned for next week’s recap.


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