A regular weekend in my life

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Welcome to a regular weekend in my life, absolutely nothing special happened. However, in the spirit of being a consistent contributor to my blog, I still decided to write a new post. 

Happy Money Monday, this is a series on the blog I started to recap my weekends and keep myself accountable for my spending. 

FRIDAY: Health Check 

Not proud to say that it’s been two whole years since I visited a doctor for a regular checkup. I decided to book an appointment a few weeks ago and on Friday, I established care with a new nurse practitioner. 

In the late afternoon, I went in for a health check and physical. Since it had been a while I got there early and had quite a bit of paperwork to complete. 

Afterward, I still had a little time left in my workday but when I finally wrapped up I fixed a bowl of delicious and creamy homemade tomato basil soup with a grilled cheese. 

I ended my evening watching The Other Black Girl on Hulu.

Grilled cheese sad which and tomato basil soup
The Other Black Girl Streaming Online | Hulu

SATURDAY: Visit to Southpoint Mall

On my way back to the Queen City, I made a pit stop at Nordstrom’s café bistro. I love their Chicken and goat cheese panini ($16.50). After eating, I ended up purchasing two long sleeve basics $24 each.

I left before I ended up spending way too much money and made my way to Charlotte just before 5:00 p.m. I spent my evening watching an old season of Married at first sight with my boyfriend. 

SUNDAY: Elevation Church 

I’m a little disappointed to admit that I haven’t been inside a church since late this summer. So, it felt good to be inside of a physical sanctuary. Especially one like Elevation.

I love their praise and worship team. I was moved to tears by the second song. Since we came for the 11:30 a.m. service, we didn’t see the actual sermon live and there was a visiting pastor in for Pastor Steven Furtick.

The message was about being spiritually asleep. I resonated with some of the points he made and here are some things I plan to do to help me “stay awake”.

  1. Spend intentional uninterrupted time with God
  2. Pray more, worry less and give with a cheerful heart
  3. Express gratitude for the things I have while I wait expectantly for the things that are on the way

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After church I had lunch at Brixx with my boyfriend and we walked around a nearby shopping center. I wanted to get some new wine glasses for the apartment but didn’t want to spend over $30. 

We ended up going to target and he bought me a new book called The Silent Patient. My friends all read it last year so I’m late to the party but excited to dive in. 

When we went home it was already late in the afternoon. I read some then created a quick grocery list a did a quick late store run (~75).

That wraps up this Money Monday, hope you enjoyed this weekend in my life! Have a beautiful week. 

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