Weekend Recap: The One Fam Festival

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Cheers to another Money Monday!

In case this is your first time reading my weekend recap, check out the first one I shared here. This is a new series I started on my blog to keep myself accountable for my spending.

FRIDAY: Fall drinks + Park Walks

Even though my work week was technically short because of the previous long holiday weekend – it seemed to just drag. 

If you know me or have been reading the blog for a while, then you know one thing I’m going to do is order a Starbucks drink as a little pick me up treat. 

I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted but I had enough points for a free bakery item. In hindsight, I wish I would’ve tried something new but the chocolate croissant has me in a chokehold!

I’m really embracing all things fall right now so I knew I wanted something pumpkin and I knew I wanted it sweet. 

The barista put me on to the pumpkin chai (extra chai) with oatmilk and one pump of cinnamon dolce syrup. It was delicious! I feel like I say this every time I order something new but this one will most definitely be on repeat this season. 

I really lucked out because I ordered and paid for a tall ($7.21) but received a grande. Little gestures like those make my day. 

Afterward, I took my sweet treat and drink to the park and listened to a new podcast my good friend sent. The Wealthy Woman Podcast and walked through the park. 

I didn’t do or spend too much but quiet moments like those after a long week is truly priceless. 

SATURDAY: The One Fam Festival

For some reason I woke up super early. It was 7:01 and I didn’t bother trying to fall back asleep. I simply sat up and read. 

Right now, I’m reading The Nightingale, a historical fiction by Kristina Hannah. This is a completely new genre for me and I’m really enjoying it. 

I’m only about halfway through but this book is 500 plus pages. I’m taking my time with it but I plan to have it done by the end of this month.

After doing my morning routine, I went out and grabbed breakfast – a sausage egg McMuffin from Mcdonalds. I wanted something cheap and greasy, so I ate that and drove into town to set up a Sunday nail date for my mom and me. 

It was still pretty early when I finally made it back home so I got ready and went to the One Fam Festival. Truthfully, it was underwhelming and difficult to find because of the State game that was happening simultaneously.

I’m still glad I went. Any chance I can get out of the house and hang with family at a FREE event I’m going to take it! 

There were live local performers and vendors. As always, I’m going to support local business owners so I made a purchase from Madame B’s Bakery

My mom bought a brownie and a honey bun cake and I bought the Oreo cake which only cost me $8. We didn’t stay long but again, it’s always nice to get out and attend community events. 

SUNDAY: Nails + Shopping

I woke up late on Sunday, it was after 10:00 am but the rest is clearly something I needed. Earlier in the week, I’d gone for a run in the park with a friend. 

I think my body was telling me to rest so the fact that I slept in that late was a sign I needed to listen.

After doing my morning routine I warmed up some leftover Chinese food and headed to the nail salon. Unfortunately, even though I’d made an appointment there was still a wait of nearly an hour! 

So, we left…I ended up getting my nails done somewhere else and I tried the almond shape for the first time. I think it might have to grow on me. Right now I’m not really feeling the shape but I do love the color. 

Altogether, I paid $122 for the gel fill in and pedicure. I think this was the perfect fall nail color but let me know what colors you’re liking right now! 

After I got my nails done, I had lunch at chipotle then got a new PJ set from TJ Maxx for $16.99. 

I really didn’t feel like going to the mall but since I’ll be in New York later this week, I wanted to find something to wear and get a new raincoat incase hurricane Lee makes it’s impact. 

Really praying for clear skies! But if it does rain I’ll be cute in my new rain jacket from Lululemon. I purchased the Always Effortless jacket in dusty rose ($148). 

Super cute, but view it in store before you buy because it’s not a light pink color as the name suggests its more purple than anything. 

Finally, my last stop was Madewell. Remember the denim skirt I saw for $98 in Nordstrom? If not, check out this post for a refresher.

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Well, that skirt I saw was from Madewell and I’ve spent weeks trying to find something similar for less. I did find a few cute options for less, so I’ll share in another post. 

However, I kept coming back to the denim mid-rise maxi skirt in pineland wash and when I tried it on, I couldn’t leave it in the store.

This is how I shop. I take my time and search for the best option before making my final decision. That way I feel good about every purchase I make.

I hope you have a great week ahead! Stay tuned for my blog post recapping my girls trip to NYC!


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