How to take a professional headshot

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A professional headshot is essential when it comes to representing yourself. Investing in a polished look could yield more positive results such as a new job position or increased sales if you’re a business owner. Think of your professional headshot as a visual marketing tool. A good headshot is necessary regardless of who you are and what you do. In this blog post, I’m going to be sharing helpful tips that you should keep in mind when preparing to take your next professional headshot.


Yes, that’s right you 100% need to research and plan ahead for taking your professional headshot. If you plan on paying, the following are some questions to consider:

How much will it cost to work with a particular photographer versus another?

What will you get when working with each photographer?

You need to weigh out all of your options and spend time comparing the value of each offer. Do the packages include image retouch?

How many pictures will you walk away with?

Although you may just need one professional headshot, it’s a good idea to think about how you could potentially use other pictures taken during the shoot.

Do you have a business website? Are you a blogger who could incorporate the photos into your social media feed?


You’ve done your research and you’re ready to book your photographer however, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. Consider the bigger picture and purpose for these pictures. Are you an aspiring actor, job seeker, blogger, or entrepreneur? Whatever the case may be your headshot should support your role. If you’re already working be sure to check your company portal or website. Check with HR to see if there is a standard at your company for professional headshots. Having a clear vision will help you prepare and determine the right location for taking your pictures. 


It’s okay if you don’t have the money to get professional headshots taken. Although you want to avoid taking a selfie. That does not represent the best version of yourself, at least not from a professional standpoint. If you don’t have someone to take a picture for you then at the very least, purchase a tripod that is compatible with your mobile device.

Nowadays, you can find tripods that come with a Bluetooth remote. When it is paired to your phone you can easily click the remote once you are ready to take a picture. Once you have a professional-looking headshot you can edit the photo yourself in free apps like adobe lightroom.

Regardless of how you get it done, just get it done! Leveling up first begins with showing up, and representing yourself as best you possibly can. That first begins with a beautiful looking headshot!