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Welcome to Money Multiplied

Welcome to Money Multiplied! Here you will find lifestyle content and tips to help you budget your money and save for personal financial goals.

My name is Terri King, I started this blog in 2019 not too long after graduating college. I am a proud HBCU alum. I attended North Carolina Central University where I studied mass communication with a concentration in public relations.

My alma matter has a special place in my heart because it is where I discovered my passion for creative writing. It also happens to be the place where I racked up nearly $60,000 in student loan debt. YIKES!

Initially, I had a negative mindset and relationship with debt. I simply figured that I’d be forced to accept having these student loans forever. I thought that living with student loan debt is all part of the experience of adulting.

I told myself that most people go to school and graduate with the burden of student loans so having them is no big deal.

Debt Is Not A Life Sentence

So, like most adults I worked, living paycheck to paycheck struggling to make ends meet and not making any payments toward my loans. I knew that debt wasn’t a life sentence but I wasn’t sure how I was going to overcome it.

After I graduated my income was extremely irregular. During this time, I worked in a restaurant bussing tables, mainly collecting cash tips.

I knew I needed a way of organizing my money so I had a better idea of how it needed to be managed. This led me to exploring budgeting with the cash envelope system.

I fell in love with this method of budgeting because it forced me to only deal with the money I had in front of me.

The cash envelope system is a great way to see how much money you have and put your money to work by allocating specific amounts for spending in budget categories of your choosing.

As I started to regularly implement this method of budgeting, financially things started to look up. I knew where my money was going because I started to track my spending and paid really close attention to what was truly a need versus a want.

After months of working in the food service industry, I landed my first full time job working for a major financial services company. I became a marketing and events coordinator for Northwestern Mutual and while at work I was also exposed to different perspectives and relationships people had with money.

I realized the value of having a solid financial plan, investing for the future and planning for emergencies. With all this in mind I decided it was time to set a new financial goal. One that would help me establish a strong foundation and prepare for the unexpected.

In a matter of six short months, I was able to build a solid emergency fund and save my first $10,000. It wasn’t easy and it took a lot of sacrificing but I was able to meet this goal by staying the course and following a strict budget.

What You Can Expect From Money Multiplied

Today, things aren’t perfect but I’ve grown so much and continue to chip away at my debt.

I’m so happy you’ve decided to hang out on my corner of the internet. On Money Multiplied, you can expect to read lifestyle content from me around how to live luxuriously even while sticking to a budget.

I also write about professional development and personal finance topics such as budgeting and cash stuffing.

You can find me on social media platforms including Instagram and TikTok.