A Bold New Year A Big New Goal

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I am feeling very excited for all that this new year has in store for myself and my brand. Last year, I had many plans and was really excited about so many things (travel being one) that never came to pass. It really just goes to show that you can make your plans, but God can have something else in store.

Blocking the enemy

COVID-19 represents an invisible enemy, and this virus is just one of many enemies I faced last year. Honestly, throughout my debt free journey the biggest enemy I’ve encountered is the voice that tells me “I can’t.” This voice is always making excuses as to why I can’t have or do something. For months the virus had me feeling afraid to do or go anywhere. Although it wasn’t until recently, I discovered that this is the way things will always be until the old-world dies.

In order for a new world to be birthed the old-world is going to have to die. It’s already beginning and when I think of the ways that we now shop, spend, and interact with one another. I think of the new shift that is taking place. Change is often uncomfortable, and I believe we are on the cusp of a major transformation. So, I’ve decided to transform too. This new year I’m dedicated to silencing the voice that tells me “I can’t”. 

So, how do I plan to get rid of that pesky voice? I believe it begins with dropping old habits. Stepping away from unhealthy relationships and a low-level way of thinking. I’m practicing operating at a higher frequency; trusting that a bright new, bigger, better and beautiful future is on its way to me. That beings with prayer and setting goals and doing the work to achieve the goals I set for myself.

Year of Elevation

For me 2021 is my year of elevation. Doors closed last year and sure I was disappointed, but I had to trust that what God has for me nobody else can have. Every closed door is leading me to the right one that will open at its appointed time. I almost gave up on my dream but if 2020 taught me anything at all it’s to expect the unexpected. I choose to continue believing that God will continue showing up in my life. Even when my goals are scary, and I have no idea how I’m going to pull them off – I’m going to believe that with His help it is impossible for me to fail. 

I originally wasn’t going to share my goals with the internet because of that voice which tells me “I can’t”. Though, I refuse to let any invisible enemy win.  Therefore, I’m going to put it out there boldly. I can and I WILL save $10,000 this year.