The benefits of cycle syncing

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What if there was a way to align your cycle to your lifestyle? Well, cycle syncing is exactly that.

I’ve been reading up on this concept because I’m always looking for ways to improve every aspect of my life.

I’m no expert but here is what I’ve learned about cycle syncing and why I believe once you understand your cycle, you’ll be able to live your absolute best life, in sync.

What is cycle syncing?

Never heard of cycle syncing?

Yeah, it took me twenty-some years to learn about it myself; but I never really considered the benefits until recently.

Cycle syncing at its core is changing your lifestyle habits such as diet and exercise so it aligns with the phases of your cycle.

We’ll talk more about that in a moment but first, let’s talk about why this is beneficial.

The benefits of cycling syncing

Have you ever felt “off” especially when your period is about to come on?

There is a reason for that, and cycle syncing can help you feel more like yourself because you’ll know how and when to take cues from your body.

A typical cycle is 28 days and to break it all down you can think of your cycle like seasons.

Menstrual Phase

The menstral phase of your cycle is what you’re likely most familiar with as it’s the time of the month when the lining of your uterus sheds, causing bleeding.

Think of this phase as your winter. You’re less likely to have energy and probably just want to stay in and take care of yourself… as you should!

This phase lasts between 1-5 days, though some women menstruate longer.

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If you want to get some movement in during this phase of your cycle then light exercise is recommended. Go for a hot girl walk or do something that isn’t super high intensity like yoga.

When it comes to your diet, drink soothing teas to help with any cramping you might experience.

You’ll want to stay away from fatty, salty foods.

The bottom line is, take it easy. Pamper yourself and give yourself grace during this delicate time of month.

Follicular phase

The follicular phase happens immediately after menstruation is completed. During this time, the egg begins to form and estrogen increases in your body.

Higher levels of estrogen allow the uterus to produce a thick lining for the egg to implant.

During this phase of your cycle, your energy is on the rise along with your mental sharpness.

You’re likely feeling more creative, so lean into that creativity!

This is a great time to break out of your comfort zone and try new things.

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Foods such as light protein like wild-caught fish, is perfect for this phase of your cycle. Also, fresh salads and oats are great.

High-intensity workouts and weight training are perfect because your hormones are on the rise. Essentially, any challenging exercise will be perfect during this phase.

I personally like trying different things through Classpass, which is a flexible fitness membership that let’s you book different exercise classes. So far I’ve tried boxing, hot yoga and pilates.

If you’re interested in trying this out yourself, you can try it free before committing. Use my link to get 20 bonus credits.

Ovulatory phase

At this point in your cycle, your body is preparing to release the egg. This is your inner summer girl!

This phase happens in the middle of your cycle and you’re probably feeling like a social butterfly and maybe even a little frisky!

During the ovulatory phase of your cycle, you need to eat whole foods like fresh high-fiber fruit and vegetables including cauliflower and broccoli.

Workouts during the ovulatory phase should consist of endurance and strength.

Luteal Phase

Following the ovulatory phase your body moves into the luteal phase – this is considered your body’s fall when it comes to seasons.

This is the time to focus on preparing your body to slow down before it enters the menstrual phase.

Be a little extra gentle with yourself. Don’t push your body to do anything it doesn’t want to and honestly, I recommend eating what you want and getting the movement YOU feel that you need.

Use this time to reflect on your month and prepare for the next.

In conclusion

Simply put, you can absolutely align your life to be in sync with your cycle. In fact, you just might find that things get a lot easier when you do.