Cup of Tea Events Presents Bags with Budgets

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March 8, 2020

I had an incredible time at the first-ever Bags with Budgets event hosted by Cup of Tea Events. Before I get into this blog post I have to mention that the Founder and Creative Director behind the Cup of Tea Events brand has been such a blessing! Aisha Cotton is a young entrepreneur that balances being a working professional while also building a legacy of her own. She is extremely creative and this past International Women’s Day she hosted an interactive workshop to help women increase their financial literacy. If you’re looking to host an event she specializes in bringing your vision to life. I’m so happy I was able to be apart and participate in this special day.

The day started with brunch, what better way to kick things off! Shortly after speakers presented and provided attendees with tools aimed at increasing financial literacy. Gabbi Rodgers, speaker, and money coach, over at Abundant Living shared wonderful financial tips. Travel strategist and financial coach Jateria Pitman presented too! She is all about leaving life living as a passenger and becoming the pilot over your finances.

She’ll show you how to travel and do it debt-free visit for more information. April-Autumn, is a psychotherapist that reminded us all how important women are and the power we have over our finances!

March 8, 2020 Bags with Budgets

There was food, giveaways, and more importantly educational components that provided women with an opportunity to feel confident with the personal finances. Money is something many people struggle with, for some it can be hard to manage. But practicing responsible money habits doesn’t have to be a burden. The women I’ve mentioned in this blog post are all proof of that. We are more than capable of living the life we want and this event brought women together for an afternoon of encouragement…and mimosas!