Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

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Valentine’s Day Gifts

Immediately after the new year, you can walk in just about any store and see teddy bears, chocolate candies and all things Cupid.

February 14 is quickly approaching and although you don’t need an excuse to shower your loved one, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to spoil your boo.

This blog post is a list of the best Valentine Day gifts for your significant other. 

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

A nice dinner is always a good idea, especially if your girl is a foodie. Though, if you are on a budget you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a lavish dinner.

Staying home and making a home cooked meal together is perfect especially if her love language is quality time.

This is a great opportunity to experiment in the kitchen together. Maybe you two have a favorite dish from a local restaurant. Why not try to recreate it? 

Set the ambiance with candles, music and flowers to create a special evening.

If your girlfriend/wife is into self-care create a package with all her favorites inside. This could include her favorite scented candlesheet maskspress-on nails and polishsatin pajama setslipperslotions and body wash.

Speaking of body wash and lotions, what woman doesn’t love smelling good?

Surprise her with a new fragrance. I recommend the Valentino born in Roma Eau De Parfum.

Take some time to consider what she likes and get creative with a care package.

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Jewelry is also a great option you can never go wrong with! 

While diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, they might be out of your budget.

There are still great options out there so consider purchasing custom jewelry or a pandora bracelet.

  1. Scented candle
  2. Sheet masks
  3. Press on nails
  4. Satin pajama set
  5. Slippers
  6. Perfume
  7. Jewelry

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Personally, I love a man that smells good. A great gift to get your boyfriend/husband is a quality cologne.

You can couple this with a body wash set and a nice pair of razors so he can take care of his everyday grooming. 

These are all great examples of good Valentine Day gifts because they’re things he might not think of getting for himself.  

If your man is a gamer, do him a favor and buy him the new game he’s been talking about! 

This a thoughtful gestor that will go a long way.

If your partner frequents the gym, buy him some essentials that will elevate his time in the gym. This could be a new pair of headphonesgym glovesprotein powders or water bottle.

Like the self-care package you can create a gift set with all the necessary gym must haves. 

  1. Cologne
  2. Body Wash
  3. Razor set
  4. Video game
  5. Airpods
  6. Gym gloves
  7. Protein Powder
  8. Water bottle