How to find your passion in life

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Life is such a journey and figuring out what you are supposed to be doing with it is probably one of the most difficult things to do. There are so many different directions a person could take. The goal of this blog post is to help you figure out your passion so that you can begin working towards a life that you love. When you successfully figure out how to find your passion you will quickly align with your purpose which can be very rewarding.

How to find your passion

Why you should find your passion

You will always feel better about getting up and going to work when you truly love what you do and believe in the mission. When you are working on something, you’re truly passionate about, you contribute more and inspire others around you. You’re more productive, excited about setting new goals and genuinely feel more fulfilled. 

Finding your passion is important because you will spend a great deal of your life working. When you work a job simply because it pays well you miss the opportunity of being promoted in a place you truly want to work. Living a truly fulfilling life means doing the soul searching to figure out how you can get to the place you truly want to be and start living your life on purpose.

Create your own story

We all have a story filled with very different experiences. Though, I think we get use to sharing that same story. When you get to the point where you aspire to wake up and live a more fulfilled life, it is important to think of what that would look like for yourself. Create a brand-new story. You are the main character in your life. Set the scene, will you need to relocate for your passion? What types of things will you need to make room for in this new life? Think of what you want in your life and create your own story. 

What do you enjoy?

The easiest way to find your passion is to first write down a list of things you already enjoy. Write down everything that comes to mind regardless of how silly it seems. Take your time creating your list. You don’t have to sit and write everything down at once. Talk to your family and close friends. They will likely mention a talent you didn’t even realize you possessed. Determine why you enjoy doing whatever it is you’ve written down and what makes you so good; reflect on all your talents. Research the different types of positions you might be able to apply for where you can exercise these talents. 

Don’t think about the money

Yes, I understand that at the end of the day you’ve got to pay the bills! I am in no way telling you to quit your current job and do something that makes no money simply because it’s your passion. When I say don’t think about the money, I mean what is it that you would continue doing even if it never makes you any money. If money wasn’t a factor, would you keep doing it? If the answer is yes, then you know that is a passion. Next you can figure out how to monetize. Today, it is possible to make money doing just about anything. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry if you can make a ton of money right away. If you are dedicated and want to see it work, it will. Though it might take time it will be worth is because not only will you eventually be making money, but it will be profitable. 

Consider your values 

When finding your passion, you should take a step back and consider your core values. These are the things that give your life meaning. Your values are what keep you grounded and motivated during hard times. To find your values ask yourself what you aren’t willing to sacrifice because it is just that important. Your values often lie in the decisions you make. Can you think of a time you turned away from something that seemed like a great opportunity? It was probably because it did not align with your core values. 

Try new things

Being open to experiences will help you figure out where your passion resides. When you try new things, you will discover that there is a world full of opportunities. Say ‘yes’ to reasonable things you might not typically consider and get lost in the idea of learning something new. Even if you don’t walk away being completely passionate about a new skill, you’ve learned something along the way, met some great people, and found out that this is something you don’t want to pursue. Knowing what you don’t want out of life is just as important in knowing what you do. If you never try new things, you simply will not know what you do not want.

Think of your direction 

I believe that life is a series of decisions. We all have options; we just have to be open to them. Think about all the decisions you’ve made in the past – what factors contributed to those decisions. How have you gotten to the place that you currently are? Often, when figuring out how to find out passion we forget that we are already winning. We fall victim to the comparison trap not realizing that every journey is different. Finding your passion is about figuring out what you want. Don’t look to others to try to find what is already in you. 

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Final Thoughts 

You are already winning! There was once a time you wanted everything you have now. The most important thing is to thank God for blessing you along your journey thus far. For more inspiration subscribe to the Money Multiplied newsletter and follow the Instagram.